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Progress Monitoring

Updated: May 10, 2020

One important thing in teaching and especially in the Special Education classroom is keeping track of students' progress. Monitoring progress not only shows you, as the teacher, the growth students have made in skills; it also provides documentation as to what you have taught for your records and for your supervisors.

In addition, keeping parents updated and informed as to the levels their child is functioning on, how they are progressing on goals and objectives on the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a vital part of our jobs as teachers. It also us to address any concerns that parents of the kids we work with may have. Working with children in special education classes makes it even more important to communicate with parents and share what their child is doing in the classroom.

These days, documentation of monitoring progress is a vital portion of a teacher's evaluation portfolio and used in to determine their "grade" or effectiveness when being evaluation by administration. What if we could streamline all of that and teach the kids technology, responsibility and independence all at the same time? One little tool I recently came across that can do all of this is SEESAW, a digital portfolio app. In the description of the app in the iTunes store, it calls itself a student-driven portfolio. Anytime I can foster independence in my kids in my self-contained special education classroom, I say, "Let's go!"


Come, let's take a quick peek at this app for its use in a special education classroom. This powerful little program is designed to allow students to sign in and upload their work to their digital portfolio. The teacher has overall power of approval of what is part of the portfolio. Each piece added by the students sits and waits for approval from you before its actually added to the portfolio. Below is the website you can view to get additional information. I would like you to share your impression about this website.


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