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Teachers Love Helping Teachers


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Dr. Claudia Morgan-Morris

Hi! my name is Dr. Claudia Morgan-Morris. I am a retired Teacher from New York City Public School.

My hobbies are Reading, Writing, Traveling, and entertaining my family and friends. My ultimate goal is to continue serving God who is my strength.

Reasons For Blogging

After graduating with my doctoral degree and retiring from teaching in 2019, I found myself with free time that I had not experienced in thirty years. I have always wanted to share some of the knowledge I have acquired as an educator.


After months of research during the corona virus pandemic, l realized that, blogging can be a platform for teaching people who have an interest in my areas of expertise. Through blogging, I will not only teach others, but I will also teach myself more about the topic. I will learn because I will always be looking for more things to teach my readers.

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